Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Footwear Fashion

Hey lovely readers,

Lately I’ve been so busy with work that I just hate having to do any kind of typing or laptop related activity (aside from watching Beauty and the Beast which I have become hugely addicted and not looking forward to the day when I have no more episodes to watch since its on hiatus). Am I the only one who's addicted?

Next month I’m off to Dublin, with my best girl friend, and what's a girl trip without shopping eh? I'm keeping myself on whats out there in terms of fashion and since Summer is just round the corner  I'm thinking pretty sundresses, light trousers, bikinis, sandals. Speaking of sandals. Have you checked out the latest fashion? Jelly shoes, white wax soles, thick straps, socks and flip-flops :O ... not my cup of tea! I


River Island


And finally... the horror! Lovely dress completely ruined by the footwear!


I'm usually one to like following fashion trends, but this one.. I think I'll pass, thanks.  
What do you think? 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beauty Redefined

I'd like to start this post by praising Dove, for their amazing Real Beauty campaign. I love the way its taking us a huge step away from the usual conventional beauty product ads.

Here is their latest advert:

Indeed beauty is a state of mind!  Some may ask however, how does one reach to that sort of state of mind?

A hair cut/hair colour change at the hairdresser?
A facial to pop out all our black heads?
A shopping spree?

Maybe for a couple of days… weeks… but roots start showing, pimples grow back and new clothes get old. So what do we look for in order to achieve this long lasting beautiful state of mind?

Picture yourself ladies wearing your best LBD and heals or you men wearing your best suit and shoes? It does make you feel confident and cool but at the end of the day once you removed it all, what’s left? Compare that to the feeling you get when you know that someone is smiling or someone’s day has been made better, and it’s all because of you. All because of your little act of service or kindness, i.e. doing something for someone without expecting anything back from them. I believe that beauty is within each and every individual, waiting to be released. Released once we realize the potential of our 'goodness' to the world. That's my theory, and I'm all for redefining beauty!

So stop thinking about how you can change you outer appearance, and change the way you feel on the inside.  As the American author and motivational speaker, Jack Canfield says, “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty” Go on, give it a try!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Birthday in the Dam

Hello dear followers,

I know I haven’t written in a while, but now I’m back with a bang! I have just returned from another one of my trips. This time it was to the beautiful city, Amsterdam.

To start off with, this city has only recently become a to-go destination for me, and this was after I heard a colleague, who spent a couple of years there, talk about the city with such great passion. A great offer on Air Malta tickets for the month of March and a couple of hours later… BOOM.. the flights were booked. Obviously placed very appropriately to coincide with my 22nd Birthday, needless to say it was a 5-day long birthday celebration!

Unfortunately this place is greatly associated with smoking and the red light district, hence why I was never interested in visiting.  Safe to say however, it offers so much more.

We arrived in the evening and immediately went out for dinner together with our host. A little student hang out bar/restaurant, but after a day of travelling, a plate of food and a glass of cider felt like heaven.  The next day, my birthday started out just as it should have. Breakfast consisted of possibly the largest crepe I have ever seen and eaten in my whole life. It was larger than the plate it was in, overflowing on the sides, piled with pears, chocolate sauce, ice- cream, whipped cream and a ticket to a heart attack. I felt slightly sick and mega guilty after, but hey, who cares, it was my birthday after all. This was followed by the Heineken tour, a must-do whilst in Amsterdam. It gives you a good insight on brewery and lots of cool activities to do. I am now a ‘certified” Heineken pourer! Woop! Surely this will be put to great use in my career. Still stuffed from the crepe we then sat by the window of a little corner cafĂ© simply admiring the pretty street and basking in the sun’s warmth. (Because might I add, for my standards the weather was actually pretty cold, and the sun has a habit or randomly appearing amongst the clouds and rain). 

Tuna fillet with rice in squid ink at Balthazar's Keuken
In the evening I was treated to a delicious dinner at a restaurant located in Elansgracht, called Balthazar’s Kitchen (Keuken in Dutch). They only serve a set menu where the choice is between fish or meat. For once in my life, I went with the fish. To start with we had a selection of mixed hors d’oeuvres followed by a fresh tuna fillet on a bed of rice with squid ink sauce as a main course. Best tuna I’ve ever tasted! Obviously ended with a dessert, lemon mousse. YUM!

The days after that consisted of a shopping trip and meetings with old friends, time leisurely spent enjoying the sun and greenery at Vondelpark (the Amsterdam equivalent to Central Park), a canal cruise, the Anne Frank Museum and couple of hours at Blokker (a shop selling household decorations which I fell in love with).  And there was SO much more left to do which we didn’t manage to fit in. Alas, that calls for a brilliant reason to return.
Lunch at Bagels & Beans
Random polo game on our day trip to Maastricht

Canal Cruise Views

Thai Dinner.. So many types of restaurants to choose from!

The sun was out!

Anne Frank House, over an hour waiting in the cold,  well worth it!

Strolling along Vondelpark and eating croissants..

Finally, I seriously cannot post this without commenting on how wonderful the Dutch are.  Everyone is so helpful and kind. Truly impressed!

Cheers to 22 years of living!

Tot ziens


Monday, 24 February 2014

Breakfast Yumminess

Hello tea time buddies,

In the midst of trying to prove to my boyfriend that I can indeed cook, I decided to try a tweaked version of french toast i.e. Nutella Cinnamon French Rolls. (PS: They're super easy to make!)

If you're interested in trying them out for yourself, here are the ingredients:

10 Slices of White Bread
1 large egg
Butter for Frying
1 and a half tablespoons of milk

1. Start by removing the crust from the bread, then carefully flatten the bread using a rolling pin until its nice and thin.
2. Cover one side of the flattened bread slices with Nutella
3. Roll up the bread, with the Nutella covered side on the inside and make sure they're nice and tight. You can use some more Nutella to seal them.
4. Whisk the egg and milk together in a bowl
5. Dip the rolled bread into the egg- milk mixture and fry them until they're a nice golden color.
6. For the final cinnamon touches, mix some sugar and cinnamon onto a flat plate and role the freshly fried Nutella roles.
7. Eat :)

I really love this recipe and so did all my family. On the plus side I also managed to impress the boyfriend!

I think this recipe could also easily double as a dessert, combined with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. YUM!

Do you have any simple recipes for breakfast? Let me know in the comments below.


Chanelle xo

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Post-Travel Blues Tips

Hello hello!

After a lovely four days in the UK I'm back on the rock. Amazing days spent with the family playing bingo, singing our hearts out to Buffalo Soldier at karaoke and shopping. Some really well needed relaxed bonding time with the family.

As per my title, yes, the post-travel blues are around. Those feelings of sadness and dread to returning to everyday routine. I definitely know what they're like. Can you relate? Although it may be a bit of a challenge here are some things I've done in order to help myself get through this tough *coughs* (talk about first world problems) time. Maybe they could be of help to any of you.

1. Pampering time
Feeling good about myself, tends to put me in a good mood. I've decided to start taking care my skin a bit more. I got myself some new skincare products by Nspa, which I'll review in a couple of weeks after I've tried them for long enough. So, new products= excitement to try= finding the time to relax and pamper myself just a bit more than usual. Get it?

2. Save up
Holidays tend to leave me with a gaping hole in my pocket. It's time to pay credit card bills! After thats done start saving up. Cut down on shopping and eating out. Please note that you'll be more motivated to do this if you go on to step 3.

3. Plan your next Holiday!
Start your research. Where do you want to go? When's the next long weekend? What's your budget? This gives you some thing to look forward to, therefore giving you the motivation to work harder and save up.

4. Enjoy the present
Sometimes I find that I get so caught up in planning and waiting the next travels (or any plans for that matter) that I literally just try to float through the days leading to it and miss out the present that's right infront of me. Staying put and in the present can be just as beautiful as traveling. Spend time with your family and loved ones. Play the tourist in your own country and go to places you've never been to before. Pretend you're someone who's never seen the sea before (in Malta it's all over the place so we tend to take for forgranted). Believe me, you'll get a totally different perspective!

Go on, beat those blues!

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Chanelle xo

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Busy and Exciting times

Hello dears,

Wooooahh that was one busy busy week! And another busy week is ahead of me. But busy is good! Some time ago I decided to start doing some voluntary work at our local hospital with an organization known as Volserv. This week I've been juggling work between work and the voluntary work training sessions. I'm now looking forward to my final session tomorrow (Monday) to get to know which wards and what duties I've been assigned too!!

Aside from that, next week I'll be on my first plane ride for 2014. I've managed to stay put on the rock for 3 months, which is quite an achievement! Yey me! Well, I shall be off to the UK, and you all know what that means....

and family time!

I'm pretty excited! (My bank account isn't)

May you all enjoy this unexpected sunny Sunday!



Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hi, I care.

         My job entails meeting people. Meeting them over the phone, through their CV or even in person. I'm lucky enough to get to know their strengths and their limitations, their aspirations, and dreams of finding employment or an improvement from their current job.

Over these these past couple of months, I've learnt a number of  'people lessons'. Particularly, the importance of forming relationships. Showing a genuine interest in their job search, giving them those extra couple of minutes to fully understand their situations...fresh graduations, women returning to work after having kids and pensioners.

Yesterday I received a call from someone whom I haven't met as yet in person, but have always dealt with over the phone. She asked me, "How are you?". Somehow it sounded very genuine. As if she really did care how I felt at the particular moment. Now it's either me being super sensitive or.. I don't know, but honestly, it made me feel special!

We live in such a busy world, leading such busy lives, that unfortunately, not purposely, we forget to care! But that genuine 'How are you?', the occasional good luck and that extra helping hand, may even change the world!

Let's all care a little bit more.



Monday, 20 January 2014

Plans Plans Plans

Hello Hello!

As of lately I've been doing some deep scary thinking. Some deep thinking about the future. Scary topic isn't it?

In order for me to get you into the picture, I think it's time for me to give away some details about my myself. So basically I'm a recent graduate in Psychology from the tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea (no, it's not as exotic as it sounds and no, I don't have a permanent tan). All I ever wanted to do was make a difference in people's lives. I think that simply being there for a person and just listening to them is such a wonderful thing and can make a huge difference. Time has become so precious that that using some of it to understand and offer a shoulder can mean so much. I currently work in recruitment, I help people find a job and offer some career guidance. Whenever I receive an email or call from a candidate thanking me for finding them a job, the feeling is indescribable!

Eventually I want to further my studies with a Master's degree. I do have a good idea of what I want to do but there are Universities to choose from and so much more details. It's scary especially since I'm quite the obsessed planner.

However, planning can be fun especially when it comes to *drumroll* traveling and vacations!
That's definitely my fave type of planning. More about that in future posts :)

So what have you been planning?



Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Make-up Review: Wjcon Haul

Hello.. Howdie,

Last November I was on a little family holiday in Trapani. A small city located on the North-West-ish side of Sicily. Lovely trip might I say (maybe I'll write all about it some other time). As I strolled along the narrow little Sicilian streets with a Gelateria on possibly each corner, I came across a make-up store called Wjcon. As I walked in the super helpful sale's girl nearly pounced on me, showing me all the different products they had at super cheap prices. She managed to convince me to get a lipstick, 2 of their nail polishes and finally after sitting me down to fill in my horrible eyebrows with a definer, I ended up buying that too. To my surprise all of those cost me around 17. 60 Euros. Bargain!

Obviously this bargainous (the word really does exist) purchase made me slighlty weary on the quality of their products. Their website says that Wjcon is "a professional make up line, which has the advantage of being a Made in Italy high quality brand at an affordable price. This does not mean the production of poor quality cosmetics, but the exclusion of any intermediary, thanks to a trade policy aiming at fast sale rather than at big profits."

I put the products to the test...

Wjcon Pure Colour Lipstick no. 410 € 5.90

In all honesty I bought this lipstick as a replacement for a colour that I really like from Maxfactor, which unfortunately is no longer produced. At the store it seemed like a good match.. not quite so when I went to try it on.
This lipstick has quite an unusual texture. It might be due to the fact that they contain quite a good amount of moisturizer. I know it might sound weird but this made it slightly more difficult to apply as the lipstick literally glides over your lips, its easy to lose control. I found that using a lippy brush to apply it made it a lot easier. All in all, for the price, I'm pleased. A good quality and most importantly, long lasting lipstick.

Eye Brown Definer  € 5.90

This is the first eyebrow definer I've used so I can't really compare, but I really do like it as its long lasting and doesn't smudge (which I was initially afraid of when tryout out an eyebrow definer). It's also easy to apply as the product comes with a tiny applicator that can be pulled out of the top.

Wjcon Fluo Nail Lacquer and Glitter Nail Lacquer in 002  € 2.90each

 The store had so many great colours to choose from. Unfortunately, I had to content myself with just the two. The pink one lasts the usual 2-3 days (depending on how much dish washing I'm kind enough to do), whilst the glittery one as the norm with glitter nail polishes lasts around 5 days. This is comparable to many other nail polish brands.

All in all I'm happy with these purchases and will probably return to Wjcon (which I surprisingly recently discovered have a shop in Malta) sometime soon. 

Have a good evening :)

Monday, 13 January 2014


Dear Readers,

Although you may be somewhat limited in number, I'd like to wish you all a warm welcome. Now, I encourage you all to put the kettle on, make that nice warm cuppa, just sit down and hear (or rather read) me out.

It's been 13 days since the new year. Technically, I've been working on starting this blog since last week. So yes, I'm quite proud of myself for at least sticking to this New Year's Resolution.

In all fairness I'm not too sure where this goes from here. I am not a full-time traveller, nor a make up artist, not even a comedian...sorry! However I can assure you that I will give you my honesty when it comes to travel tips, product reviews and whatever might feature in this little blog of mine. Don't worry, I might have an idea or two up my sleeve ;)

As for the name of the blog.. well..I'm a huge tea lover. Tea time always reminds me of the time when my family gathers together at the table at 5pm to just relax after a day's work or studying with a nice warm mug of tea. I thought it would make an appropriate name.
So before I leave you this fine evening I thought I'd share this video which has been going round Facebook for the past few days. A truly inspiring woman!