Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hi, I care.

         My job entails meeting people. Meeting them over the phone, through their CV or even in person. I'm lucky enough to get to know their strengths and their limitations, their aspirations, and dreams of finding employment or an improvement from their current job.

Over these these past couple of months, I've learnt a number of  'people lessons'. Particularly, the importance of forming relationships. Showing a genuine interest in their job search, giving them those extra couple of minutes to fully understand their situations...fresh graduations, women returning to work after having kids and pensioners.

Yesterday I received a call from someone whom I haven't met as yet in person, but have always dealt with over the phone. She asked me, "How are you?". Somehow it sounded very genuine. As if she really did care how I felt at the particular moment. Now it's either me being super sensitive or.. I don't know, but honestly, it made me feel special!

We live in such a busy world, leading such busy lives, that unfortunately, not purposely, we forget to care! But that genuine 'How are you?', the occasional good luck and that extra helping hand, may even change the world!

Let's all care a little bit more.



Monday, 20 January 2014

Plans Plans Plans

Hello Hello!

As of lately I've been doing some deep scary thinking. Some deep thinking about the future. Scary topic isn't it?

In order for me to get you into the picture, I think it's time for me to give away some details about my myself. So basically I'm a recent graduate in Psychology from the tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea (no, it's not as exotic as it sounds and no, I don't have a permanent tan). All I ever wanted to do was make a difference in people's lives. I think that simply being there for a person and just listening to them is such a wonderful thing and can make a huge difference. Time has become so precious that that using some of it to understand and offer a shoulder can mean so much. I currently work in recruitment, I help people find a job and offer some career guidance. Whenever I receive an email or call from a candidate thanking me for finding them a job, the feeling is indescribable!

Eventually I want to further my studies with a Master's degree. I do have a good idea of what I want to do but there are Universities to choose from and so much more details. It's scary especially since I'm quite the obsessed planner.

However, planning can be fun especially when it comes to *drumroll* traveling and vacations!
That's definitely my fave type of planning. More about that in future posts :)

So what have you been planning?



Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Make-up Review: Wjcon Haul

Hello.. Howdie,

Last November I was on a little family holiday in Trapani. A small city located on the North-West-ish side of Sicily. Lovely trip might I say (maybe I'll write all about it some other time). As I strolled along the narrow little Sicilian streets with a Gelateria on possibly each corner, I came across a make-up store called Wjcon. As I walked in the super helpful sale's girl nearly pounced on me, showing me all the different products they had at super cheap prices. She managed to convince me to get a lipstick, 2 of their nail polishes and finally after sitting me down to fill in my horrible eyebrows with a definer, I ended up buying that too. To my surprise all of those cost me around 17. 60 Euros. Bargain!

Obviously this bargainous (the word really does exist) purchase made me slighlty weary on the quality of their products. Their website says that Wjcon is "a professional make up line, which has the advantage of being a Made in Italy high quality brand at an affordable price. This does not mean the production of poor quality cosmetics, but the exclusion of any intermediary, thanks to a trade policy aiming at fast sale rather than at big profits."

I put the products to the test...

Wjcon Pure Colour Lipstick no. 410 € 5.90

In all honesty I bought this lipstick as a replacement for a colour that I really like from Maxfactor, which unfortunately is no longer produced. At the store it seemed like a good match.. not quite so when I went to try it on.
This lipstick has quite an unusual texture. It might be due to the fact that they contain quite a good amount of moisturizer. I know it might sound weird but this made it slightly more difficult to apply as the lipstick literally glides over your lips, its easy to lose control. I found that using a lippy brush to apply it made it a lot easier. All in all, for the price, I'm pleased. A good quality and most importantly, long lasting lipstick.

Eye Brown Definer  € 5.90

This is the first eyebrow definer I've used so I can't really compare, but I really do like it as its long lasting and doesn't smudge (which I was initially afraid of when tryout out an eyebrow definer). It's also easy to apply as the product comes with a tiny applicator that can be pulled out of the top.

Wjcon Fluo Nail Lacquer and Glitter Nail Lacquer in 002  € 2.90each

 The store had so many great colours to choose from. Unfortunately, I had to content myself with just the two. The pink one lasts the usual 2-3 days (depending on how much dish washing I'm kind enough to do), whilst the glittery one as the norm with glitter nail polishes lasts around 5 days. This is comparable to many other nail polish brands.

All in all I'm happy with these purchases and will probably return to Wjcon (which I surprisingly recently discovered have a shop in Malta) sometime soon. 

Have a good evening :)

Monday, 13 January 2014


Dear Readers,

Although you may be somewhat limited in number, I'd like to wish you all a warm welcome. Now, I encourage you all to put the kettle on, make that nice warm cuppa, just sit down and hear (or rather read) me out.

It's been 13 days since the new year. Technically, I've been working on starting this blog since last week. So yes, I'm quite proud of myself for at least sticking to this New Year's Resolution.

In all fairness I'm not too sure where this goes from here. I am not a full-time traveller, nor a make up artist, not even a comedian...sorry! However I can assure you that I will give you my honesty when it comes to travel tips, product reviews and whatever might feature in this little blog of mine. Don't worry, I might have an idea or two up my sleeve ;)

As for the name of the blog.. well..I'm a huge tea lover. Tea time always reminds me of the time when my family gathers together at the table at 5pm to just relax after a day's work or studying with a nice warm mug of tea. I thought it would make an appropriate name.
So before I leave you this fine evening I thought I'd share this video which has been going round Facebook for the past few days. A truly inspiring woman!