Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hi, I care.

         My job entails meeting people. Meeting them over the phone, through their CV or even in person. I'm lucky enough to get to know their strengths and their limitations, their aspirations, and dreams of finding employment or an improvement from their current job.

Over these these past couple of months, I've learnt a number of  'people lessons'. Particularly, the importance of forming relationships. Showing a genuine interest in their job search, giving them those extra couple of minutes to fully understand their situations...fresh graduations, women returning to work after having kids and pensioners.

Yesterday I received a call from someone whom I haven't met as yet in person, but have always dealt with over the phone. She asked me, "How are you?". Somehow it sounded very genuine. As if she really did care how I felt at the particular moment. Now it's either me being super sensitive or.. I don't know, but honestly, it made me feel special!

We live in such a busy world, leading such busy lives, that unfortunately, not purposely, we forget to care! But that genuine 'How are you?', the occasional good luck and that extra helping hand, may even change the world!

Let's all care a little bit more.



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