Sunday, 2 February 2014

Busy and Exciting times

Hello dears,

Wooooahh that was one busy busy week! And another busy week is ahead of me. But busy is good! Some time ago I decided to start doing some voluntary work at our local hospital with an organization known as Volserv. This week I've been juggling work between work and the voluntary work training sessions. I'm now looking forward to my final session tomorrow (Monday) to get to know which wards and what duties I've been assigned too!!

Aside from that, next week I'll be on my first plane ride for 2014. I've managed to stay put on the rock for 3 months, which is quite an achievement! Yey me! Well, I shall be off to the UK, and you all know what that means....

and family time!

I'm pretty excited! (My bank account isn't)

May you all enjoy this unexpected sunny Sunday!



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