Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Footwear Fashion

Hey lovely readers,

Lately I’ve been so busy with work that I just hate having to do any kind of typing or laptop related activity (aside from watching Beauty and the Beast which I have become hugely addicted and not looking forward to the day when I have no more episodes to watch since its on hiatus). Am I the only one who's addicted?

Next month I’m off to Dublin, with my best girl friend, and what's a girl trip without shopping eh? I'm keeping myself on whats out there in terms of fashion and since Summer is just round the corner  I'm thinking pretty sundresses, light trousers, bikinis, sandals. Speaking of sandals. Have you checked out the latest fashion? Jelly shoes, white wax soles, thick straps, socks and flip-flops :O ... not my cup of tea! I


River Island


And finally... the horror! Lovely dress completely ruined by the footwear!


I'm usually one to like following fashion trends, but this one.. I think I'll pass, thanks.  
What do you think? 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beauty Redefined

I'd like to start this post by praising Dove, for their amazing Real Beauty campaign. I love the way its taking us a huge step away from the usual conventional beauty product ads.

Here is their latest advert:

Indeed beauty is a state of mind!  Some may ask however, how does one reach to that sort of state of mind?

A hair cut/hair colour change at the hairdresser?
A facial to pop out all our black heads?
A shopping spree?

Maybe for a couple of days… weeks… but roots start showing, pimples grow back and new clothes get old. So what do we look for in order to achieve this long lasting beautiful state of mind?

Picture yourself ladies wearing your best LBD and heals or you men wearing your best suit and shoes? It does make you feel confident and cool but at the end of the day once you removed it all, what’s left? Compare that to the feeling you get when you know that someone is smiling or someone’s day has been made better, and it’s all because of you. All because of your little act of service or kindness, i.e. doing something for someone without expecting anything back from them. I believe that beauty is within each and every individual, waiting to be released. Released once we realize the potential of our 'goodness' to the world. That's my theory, and I'm all for redefining beauty!

So stop thinking about how you can change you outer appearance, and change the way you feel on the inside.  As the American author and motivational speaker, Jack Canfield says, “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty” Go on, give it a try!